Special Agent OSO

How do one say no to baking for a child who has just started his battle with leukemia? You don't. It was a very last minute order but I was taking the week off before the onslaught of Christmas orders to bake for. So, I was more than happy to do it especially when it wasn't known earlier if he would have survived his first course of chemotherapy. Mum just needed a small 6' cake with Special Agent OSO. Yes, I had to Google this guy and loved what I learnt about this Oso (means bear in Spanish). He's an agent who helps children perform tasks and is superbly-assisted by S.A.Wolfie (in blue cut-out) and S.A.Dotty (cut-out cat in yellow-orange). I handed the cake over to mum with a hope that Heston will draw positivity and strength from his favourite Special Agent to recover completely. Let's aim for a Digi-Medal, Heston! The Chocolate Cake weighed 1.2kg.

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