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I am soooo post-dated that I cannot believe that myself. 3 months since I last updated this blog! It was the same with Doing A Julie/Julia, it wasn't that I hadn't been working on any cakes since, it was just the matter of short daylight hours. By the time dinner is on the table everyday, I'd be a living dead. Really dead on my feet. I've had to accommodate new school runs starting January and for that, I've also been accepting much less cake orders. Having bursts of 30 minutes to an hour in between school locations and home throughout the day doesn't leave me much time for cake decorating. Sugar modelling and cake decorating are very time-consuming tasks though they make me very happy. So, I've been a grouch of late having to give up lots of beautiful cakes to do. But thankfully, I still get to bake and continue to try out new recipes. You can read all about my stolen trysts with my Kenwood from my other blog.
But when I do get some hard-to-pass cake orders or very simple requests, I sacrifice my tea and book hours, and sleep just to do them. I do that because I have very good and loyal customers. This is one of them. I've been creating cakes for her for the past 3 years I think... always during the Christmas period, for both her children celebrating together. This time, she included her nephew in the party. Rafenzo didn't get a "real" birthday cake for his birthday in July because he lives in Hong Kong and novelty cake designers are hard to come by *lightbulb moment*. So, his folks settled for a cake from the bakery. When they returned in December, Rafenzo got a little 1.5kg Vanilla Bean Cake with Tayo the Blue Bus theme. I spent so much time on those buses but it was time well-spent. Cute aren't they?

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