Seriously.....don't ask me what this is. I have no idea at all. I don't know what this Totoro character is except that it's a Japanese anime creature. I didn't even Google for more information because the birthday girl was super efficient. She wanted this design for her 30th birthday because it was her favourite character (she has it in various forms as her bedmates). She wanted Totoro in its 3 age phases to stand on a bed of leaves next to a bus stop sign. As simple as that. I was really worried about getting Totoro's look right because she absolutely loves it for its cute factor. So, imagine if I botched its face and cuteness turns into plain ugly! And yes, while it may not look much to do but the face can go wrong in so many ways. She sent me pictures after pictures of Totoro and highlighted that each age phase has to be proportionate...yeah, more pressure. Thankfully, the whole cake was decorated without a hitch and it turned out pretty cute! This Chocolate Cake finished weighing 1.8kg.

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