Hot Wheels 2

The party was for 3 children, so mum and I decided that it'll be more economical (and make more sense) to have 3 small cakes, 3 different flavours. Mum knew I was up to my eyeballs during the Christmas period and suggested that I bake one large cake and incorporate the 3 children's theme on it! Imagine Tayo the Blue Bus, Hotwheels and Barbie on one cake....errr, yes *roll eyes*. See, I wouldn't do that to children. There are always ways to get around making our lives simpler...elegant solutions. Small cakes! Doesn't need much sugar work on them, yet will serve the theme, stand-out and the child will smother his/her mum with endless kisses and thank yous. Hehehehehe....yes, I aim to achieve that for all the mums who order their cakes from me, provided she knows exactly what her child wants and not guess or assume. So, here's the second cake for the party - a 1.3kg Lemon Poppyseed Cake with a very simple HotWheels-themed design.

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