Zonked-Out Teen

Another young teenager celebrating a birthday! This young lady's the same age as my Young Master. She accepted a scholarship to do her high school education in a boarding school and according to her mum, she's been hard at work. So much to do and so little time. I stalked mum's Facebook account for photos of her checking-in to boarding school early this year and found a few useful pictures. I baked Dark Chocolate Brownies in a loaf pan and modelled it to look exactly like her dorm bed. Matched her plain white sheets, blue blanket, orange pail of dirty laundry and her purple backpack. It was a typical scene of  in her dorm (well, I assumed that but I'm sure it isn't as messy. But what's the fun if we mums aren't a bit dramatic??!) So, I visualised piled-up laundry to be done, lots of homework to finish, books to study from, skipping meals and snacking on junk, music blaring through earphones. I really enjoyed working on this cake.

The Dark Chocolate Brownies all dressed up, weighed 1.7kg.

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