Hollywood Glam

I love this cake. It was a gift from the celebrant's siblings to celebrate his big four-oh. He just returned from a  holiday in the US and his sister thought it'll befit the occasion if he can have a cake along the lines of Hollywood. We used old-fashioned film reels to line up photos journeying his 40 years. Because there wasn't enough time to order edible prints of the photos, I printed them on paper instead. No one eats the fondant anyway, so I attached it to the fondant film.The 3 reels stacked on a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star "tile". I used silver hundreds and thousands for the letterings on his name and age. Dusted edible glitter and we've got ourselves a cake with blings! The birthday boy's favourite Lemon Poppyseed Cake finished weighing 2.6kg.

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