Ariel, Little Mermaid

Ahh.....3-year old girls and their princesses. Don't they all go through that phase...yes, even my I-prefer-to-be-a-boy daughter went through it. But not at all hardcore like the girls you'd see walking in malls in their princess costumes, clip-clopping in ill-fitting pink, furry, diamante kitten-heels or sleeping in nighties featuring their favourite Disney princess. Not to mention the school bags, handbags, pencil cases, water bottles...that's a huge money-making industry there! Our Little Miss never wanted anything remotely close to being princessy. Those few pieces of pink tiara, pencil sets and what-nots were presents from well-meaning friends who thought we were depriving her of being a princess *sigh*  Her brushes with Disney princesses were in forms of movies and magazines. She enjoyed the stories but after awhile, she found them repetitive...the whole happily ever after ending after meeting a prince? Yeah, that part will have her rolling her eyes...even at 4. So, here we have Ariel depicted under the sea next to her underwater musical instruments. The bottom tier was covered in pink fondant because Aryssa loves the colour pink.This was a 2.2kg Chocolate Cake for a small party of 15.

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