Toy Story

This was a last-minute cake but here's the thing, I had the honour of doing Noah's 1st birthday cake last year (Pocoyo and friends). I almost turn this down because I had lots to do this weekend and I was under the weather. But mummy was an old friend and all she wanted was a small and simple 2-D Toy Story cake. Well, yours truly can't SIMPLY do a cake even if I wanted to!! Of course, I gave it some thought. It's a small cake (1kg Devil's Food) and I wanted it to be impactful although it was 2-D. So, I decided to do colourful swatches that'll attract 2-year olds - Woody's shirt, Buzz Lightyear's uniform, the bedroom's Clouds wallpaper and the movie's logotype background in red that featured Noah's name in yellow and blue. With a couple of cast cut-outs, I thought the cake looked attractive and adhered to the theme.

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