Angry Birds

I've tried this game several times and just don't get it. Little Miss and Young Master on the other hand are very good at it. Though I've been told, they not actually that good because they haven't even gotten past the first level!! To be fair, they hardly get to play the game much less touch my phone... Apparently, children younger than mine ace in Angry Birds. Like this child. He's turning 4 this weekend and his uncle (and aunt-to-be) wanted to meet his request for an Angry Birds cake. I spent the whole day working on the birds and pigs! Didn't help that it was pouring yesterday evening and they all started to get shiny and sticky. So, I had to turn on the bedroom air-conditioning to keep them dry...decorating during the monsoon season is getting to be really expensive!!!
The Red Bird (I think that's what it's called) on the catapult.

 The Green Pigs amongst the broken structure.

The rest of the attack birds waiting for their turn.

I understand that different levels have different structures and birds and what nots but I decided to stick to the basic idea of Angry Birds. Birds vs Pigs period. Covered this 8", 1.7kg Vanilla Butter Cake in green buttercream using the grass tip. Needless to say, I had carpal tunnel syndrome after that.

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