Pocoyo Party

Oh I love this cake!! I really do. Little Kay-Lee had a cake of toy blocks last year for her 1st birthday and this year, she's into Pocoyo. The last few Pocoyo cakes I did were for boys and I was pleased as Punch to be doing one for a girl. Mum asked for a pastel pallette but Pocoyo and friends are mostly in strong and bold primary and secondary colours. It's the beautiful educational-part of the programme to be introducing these colours to toddlers and I also kept to using white as the base colour as is in the series. I checked online for an episode of Pocoyo with a party-theme (there's usually one episode in every toddler educational programme, trust me....I've done my time with these series with my two), and that's how this cake was designed.

I've always loved having Pocoyo help blow out the candle, so I had Pocoyo in the same pose and all his friends donning party hats. I was particularly happy with how the candy cane poles and party buntings turned out. They really gave the cake a party atmosphere. I also added 2 characters which were not in my previous cakes - the red Octopus and the small bird on the pole. Everyone's out to celebrate Kay-Lee's 2nd birthday!! This 9" Devil's Food Cake finished weighing a hefty 2.5kg!

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