The Ibanez JTKB

The Cake -Moist Orange
The Real Deal - Ibanez JTKB
This is by far, my favourite cake. The birthday girl is a bassist in her band and when her dad asked if I could do a guitar cake for her, I couldn't say no. In fact, I was very keen to do it simply because it was MY kind challenge - I'm a classic rock chic (;-) and to create something so musically cool is right up my alley. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I checked out some of the birthday girl's gig photos. The common denominator in those photos was a red bass guitar. I wanted to present her the latest bass guitar model that looked closest to what she has. So, off I went and Googled the only 3 brands I knew- Gibson, Fender & Ibanez and found the perfect one in Ibanez..

The only dissapointment I had was with the strings. Here, I hand-piped royal icing for them. Not exactly in 'plucky' condition with that....

Anyone who reads music notes will find the tune to this..

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