2 simple reasons for this 1.6kg cake: It was a dear friend's over-40th birthday (shhhh...;-) and what would an over-40 housewife want these days other than a darn good laugh on her birthday?? And, she's the most 'well-endowed' in the group...duhhh. With that, I attempted to make the infamous boob cake. I didn't want the 'girls' to look crude and distasteful since we were celebrating her birthday in a fancy restaurant... Hence, the bikini in blue - being her favourite colour. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun playing plastic surgeon with this cake!

Can you blame me for the pun?? And I just love having the beads on the bikini.

Everything is edible except for the candle and the cake board. What a mouthful!!!

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  1. Love the cake!! Can I please ask what you use for your lettering?
    Thanks, Nic