Turning double digit

This young lady...yes, she gets called that now since she's turned double-digit, always has her ideas on what she wants for her annual cake. Last year was a Rainbow Cake which I don't think I posted about it. But here's how that cake looked like...
Piped buttercream rosettes around the cake. She loooooves buttercream.
The inside was a 6-colour vanilla layer cake. And no...I don't do multiple-coloured cakes for sale. Drives me crazy. For 2013, she designed her own 2-tier cake. Although it looks huge here, the cake was actually made up of a small 7-inch base and a 4-inch tier. Just to feed 4 and some extras for the following day's breakfast. Her brief was simple - a model of her, cake covered in fondant and some candies. Oh yes, she also specified a Vanilla Confetti Chocolate Chip Cake. Yes...yes..yes...sugar overload. This year's brief though was testing..."surprise me". Well, I baked a surprise-inside cake for her. Have the picture in my phone and will upload it over in Doing A Julie-Julia eventually ;-) since it's more a baking thing rather than a decorating thing.

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