Boys and Guns

I have to backtrack by over a year to update this blog! Since my last post in here, much has happened. I shall not bore you with the story again. But in case you hadn't read about it, yet.....do pop over to my other blog for a quick glance over. All is well now, but still no respite from being the now 14-year old son, and 11-year old daughter's full-time-stay-home-mum. Ah, well...year-end exams are round the corner and I've been on their back with a stick. So, it'll be a quiet October on the novelty cake front but there'll be some actions in Doing a Julie-Julia (when I get around updating THAT blog ;-p)


So....this was done when I got back from Perth last year. It was an emergency request from Little Miss' classmate's mum and I hadn't stocked up my fondant supplies, yet. Took me some time to get back into the groove then because Perth was a family holiday this time round. You know how travelling with kids are never truly holidays at all? Well, still the case even when they're no longer "small". But I gladly baked this cake for the young man. He was thrown a small NERF party with his mates after school (if, I remember correctly). Can never separate boys from their guns since the days of yore. So mum requested a small 7-inch cake for the symbolic cake-cutting. I didn't have a large supply of fondant then, so I did a simple single dimension version of his favourite NERF pistol. It was simple, yet right on target for the boy. He and his mates loved that 1.2kg marble cake. Not a crumb left.

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