Pink Barbie

This cake was for the little sister of the previously-posted birthday boy. As much as mum tried to steer her away for going for the very cliché Barbie cake, the birthday girl insisted. There's no saying no to this adamant princess. Good thing was mum said she didn't care for any specific princess for the cake to be modelled after as long as it's a Barbie cake. Well, I thought this design would be fitting for a girl of 4. They chose a marble cake again...they loved the non-canteen-like flavour and texture of this cake. I'd like to call this my posh marble cake. It's moist and marbled with a coffee-ish- chocolate and orangy-butter. Yummmm...For this design, I did away with covering the cake in fondant. I whipped up some buttercream and piped layers of frills for her ball gown skirt. I love the effect! And so did the birthday girl. The cake finished weighing about 2kg.

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