Red Power Ranger

These guys never cease in their popularity don't they? Well, this was a "school cake". School cakes are popular here. Children (or is it the parents???) just love to celebrate their birthday at school. I've only managed to probably do 3 between my two children...I say managed because they'd give me the are-you-kidding-me-look whenever I suggest that. They somehow have this aversion to being in the spotlight. I guess it must be kinda weird to be standing at the front of the class facing your cake, having the rest of the 40 children singing Happy Birthday to you and you're trying to grin and bear it. Okay..I'm with my children on this. Nonetheless, I do think it's a great idea despite what mine feels. Great opportunity for very young children especially, to mingle with their peers on a relaxed occasion and folks to check-in with the school teachers, on a non-threatening occasion....hahahahahahahahaha. Anyway, back to the cake. I always recommend a single dimension design for school cakes. Very simple reason. The child will always ask for his/her favourite character on their cake. If I had done a 3D figurine of this red Power Ranger for example, I guarantee that there'll be a tussle between the children. Every child will want that sugar figurine. The poor birthday boy may end up not having it for himself despite the occasion of HIS birthday and HIS cake! So, do remember that when you're planning for a school cake. This was a 2kg chocolate cake.

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