Terrific Three

Hamzah is 3! I've had the privilege and honour of baking this little man's birthday cakes since his first (see 1st Birthday, then 2nd birthday). I'm very happy he's growing up well- happy and healthy (and cheeky-looking ;-) For the family celebration at home, I suggested the Honey Lavender Cake (2.6kg). His family's been having my cakes for years and I'd try to come up with something new every time. Glad they enjoyed the cake. Hamzah's still very fond of dinosaurs and since I've done a big green one last year, thought I'll do a mini scene this time. We've got an inactive volcano and a little lake for the backdrop. A Pterodactyl landed on the volcano, the Triceratop's awfully tired from the heat, the T-Rex is having a chat with the...wait for this....Loch Ness. I know, I know....the Loch Ness has nothing to do with the dinosaurs (my two in-house paleontologists were smacking their foreheads when they saw this) but I felt like having it there!!! I thought it'll look better than that large lizardly Plesiosaurs that are supposed to be the water dinosaurs. Plus, since Hamzah's just 3, I had all the dinos in candylicious colours. Yumm..

For the school party, Hamzah's request was for a white Ultraman cake. Ermmm...Aunty Deenie don't do Ultraman. So, the painful process of cut-outs began. A figurine would have taken me probably 30minutes. This cut-out - 90 minutes. Baked a 10" square Vanilla Butter sheet cake (2.2kg). Easy for the school teacher to cut and distribute.

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