Fruity Lollies

Why fruit lolly-theme for this 40th? Birthday girl creates whole fruit lollies for a living. Isn't that just the coolest business? She owns a little place in Hartamas where she makes real fruit (and juice) lollies. I'm promised a date there one of these days and I'm told that we can have children parties at the premises where kids create their own lollies. I think this concept is brilliant. Can't wait to visit. Back to the cake, her friends wanted a fudgy chocolate cake, so I suggested Brownies since this is a rather flat design. The design on the left is an abstract of fruits (seen here is the orange, purple and white dragon fruit, and watermelon) depicting what the whole business is about. The design on the left is how an actually fruit lolly would look like. Cut fruits in fruit juices then freezing them. This pair of Brownie-Lollies finished weighing 2.8kg.

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