Wedding Cookie Favors

Wedding cookies are now very popular in the US replacing the usual bon-bons and meringue kisses as favors. Most of the time, these are soft butter cookies because the light colour makes it easier to work with your wedding theme colours. Why soft cookies and not crunchy ones, you ask? Well, crunchy ones will soften once exposed and not kept in an airtight container. So the best bet is a cookie firm enough to hold its shape and soft to chew. Among the wedding cookie shapes I have are 3-tier cake, dress, bride, groom, church bells, twin-hearts, single heart and a couple of shapes that can be toyed around the wedding theme. Cookies are priced from RM4.50 each. Packaging is priced separately to be in line with your theme.

3-Tier wedding cake

Wedding dress

Bride in bustier

Bridegroom in shorts

Single Heart

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