New Wedding Idea

I love it when brides take on suggestions of using new ideas to fire-up an otherwise conventional table centrepiece. 2009 has seen hundreds of wedding cupcakes stacked up for in weddings after weddings. Cupcakes are actually brilliant for weddings because there are no wastage (and no over-spending!!). Everyone gets one and it beats the traditional fruit cake anytime due to it's "cute" factor.

This weekend is a young couple's wedding and the bride had chosen a new wedding cake idea. Slated as year 2010's wedding cake trend of the year, cookie-on-a-cupcake is sure to turn heads and draw oohhs and aahhs. See it for yourself!

It's basically a cupcake (choose your favourite flavour or have a mix) and a soft butter cookie on top of it! The cookies are what many brides have used as wedding favors - completely decorated using your wedding theme colour. This is actually the neck aching, back-breaking and time-consuming part with multiple process involved. Now you know why cookie favors are expensive! And be forewarned! The icing used on these cookies are tooth-achingly sweet and there's no way of cutting down on that without loosing the effect on the cookies.

These cookie-on-a-cupcake will be great for small receptions or private parties. You can take this idea further with other cookie shapes. Check out my cookie cutter list and you can think of using them for baby showers, engagement parties, etc. The cupcakes can also be individually boxed as party favors.

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  1. dee, can i camp at your house n be your taster?!! - shareeza.