Counting down to Christmas 2009...

And it isn't too early. I have started soaking the fruits for my regular orders of Great Bakes' annual rich fruit cake and drafted this list of Christmas bakes for this year. I'll add in the photos as and when I find my way out of the kitchen in a week or so. Have fun planning!
* These rich chocolate cupcakes are tainted with crunchy, cooling mint. It's like chocolate candy cane! They'll be topped with mint buttercream and a little candy cane.

RM36 for a box of 6 cupcakes.

* Instead of the regularly-featured fruit cakes, give these mini cakes a try. They are as traditionally rich as they are supposed to be. Just in a different form. Moist and flavourful, these cupcakes will be covered in fondant and aptly decorated for that Christmassy mood. Excellent if they are intended for gifts because they keep very well under the fondant.

p/s: Alcohol can be omitted with these cupcakes.

RM48 for a box of 6 cupcakes.

Note: Cupcakes are of standard size (2") in gold patty cases. They will be in either red or gold boxes, ribboned.

* Made with my favourite gingerbread cookie recipe, they'll come in all Christmassy shapes. 2 variations will be made available: unfrosted and fully-decorated. The unfrosted cookies will be bagged and sold by weight. Great for festive munching while watching Ebenezer Scrooge in re-runs. Totally healthy! The sugar-frosted and fully-decorated versions will be a treat for children. Great as stocking stuffers and tree decorations (let me know if you want to hang them up, I'll punch a hole prior to baking).

* This cake comes in a 6" round and weighs around 800gms. Also in 2 variations: first is the cake will be as it is and wrapped in foil to keep the cake moist; the other is to have it covered the old-fashioned way with marzipan and fondant, also to keep the cake moist. Matter of who's eating it or who's getting it! Eliminating alcohol for this cake is NOT an option. Yes, we love our brandy in our fruit cake...yummm. Order dateline for this cake is November 15, 2009.

RM55 for naked fruit cake.
RM65 for dressed fruit cake (holly leaves, poinsettias, berries etc)

Do start planning and drop me a line via email or text me for your orders and pick-up date. Last order date is December 1, 2009.

For the curious... yes, I baked and stacked and decorated that 2-tier Christmas Cake. Thank you, thank you ;-) Another milestone for me!

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