Children Cupcakes

After all these years, I am still doing tv/movie character cakes! I stink at copying syndicated cartoon characters and I avoid taking orders for such cakes at all cost. While it restricts one's imagination and limits creativity when it comes to decorating a cake, the main reason for me is dissapointing the child if my Winnie looks like a China-made imitation or Lightning McQueen looking like an old Mitsubishi Lancer!!

Yet, it is so hard to turn down a child's request when he/she specifically wants Aunty Deenie's cake.... awww... I tried and through the years, manage to muster something remotely-alike to a Power Ranger or Ultraman until recently, I found these edible icing prints! God-sent! They are basically sugar paste in sheets and uses edible ink to print out any cartoon or photographs on them. I got a sheet of Disney princesses and a sheet with various Spidey poses yesterday. Needless to say, Little Miss was absolutely over the moon that I was going to use them for her year-end class party.

For the boys

For the girls
So now, I know what to do if children demand and insist for Ben10 or Hannah Montana from their poor mothers!

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