Misska Mousska Mickey Mouse!

Don't even dare ask me how I know that tune on the title of this post. It's been at least 6 years since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was last heard in this house 3 times a day...believe me, I'm glad my children are no longer that age. The tune still haunts me! Along with Little Einstein, Dora the Explorer, Jojo Circus and that little French girl...what's her name? So, here I am again scratching my head with a train-theme to work on. Mum initially mentioned Barney and I'm like..."eerrr, I don't do Barney." Then she quickly said, "How about a train?". Now, that I can do. I could have easily repeated the Thomas train cake I did previously but as usual, as the MOTH mumbles, I complicate things. Since Shane's turning 2, I wanted a train he could relate to at his age. Thomas and Friends would be more age-appropriate for 4 year olds. I Googled (where else) for trains and saw this! I never knew Mickey had a train. Duhhh...why shouldn't he? And so I built the Mickey Mouse train and a carriage behind it for this 2.6kg Devil's Food Chocolate Cake. Yes, only the train and the "ears" and no, I don't do Mickey himself, either. ;-)

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