Double Celebration

These mini cupcakes were baked and decorated pre-Father's Day weekend. Mum just had her second baby and like everyone of us (old and new mums), have post-pregnancy amnesia. Less intense would be to say we're a lot more forgetful and we blame it all to being pregnant...something about the baby sapping everything we have while swimming in our belly for that 9 months? Please let us continue using that excuse, we earned it. Anyway, the baby girl turned one month old two days prior and mum decides to send a box of mini cupcakes (Lemon Poppyseed) to her colleagues and have another set  for family (Lemon Poppyseed and Mocha). I assumed having to mention daddy in these cupcakes was an early Father's Day surprise? I hope so because daddy came to pick up the cakes and he was gushing with pride talking about his girls (mum included). He so deserves a special mention! 

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