Frou Frou Ariel

That's right, frou frou....Ariel in frou frou. Mum wanted her daughter's favourite Disney "princess" Ariel in a dress not tails. Then, my daughter showed me a few Ariel-in-a-pink-ball-gown pictures from her old Princess magazines. Well, I would have done the usual cake bottom using the Dolly Varden pan but mum wanted it to be like the Princess Ballerina cake I did last year with the buttercream tutu ruffles. Riiiggghhhhhhtttt....okay! So, I piped. Started with a white petticoat, then a light pink and the actual terracota pink for the top ruffles. She looks like a Princess Ariel here but not THE Ariel. Didn't help that my face sculpting stinks. Anyway, Little Miss gave me a thumbs up so I suppose if it's pretty enough for a fussy 9-year old, it'll be pretty enough for a 2-year old! Choice of cake was Red Velvet and the 8" finished weighing 2.3kg. I also did a simply fudgy Brownie for Iman's 4-year old brother with cut-outs of his favourite Samurai Power Rangers (mask only) and their weapons. I'm not putting up the picture because all 3 shots of it were blurry. Must be my vision and hands failing me at that late hour of that long day.

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