RC Dude's 40th

Birthday dude Josh's girlfriend inquired if I could do a car cake. Well, I do have that very standard car pan if that's what she meant...and apparently, that was fine. THEN she sent me the pictures. "Oh, dear..." was all I could mutter to myself. It was an personalised RC car! RC-Remote Controlled. A very colourful one if I may add and it wasn't your standard beetle-looking car (as was my cake pan). I had pictures of all angles of that RC car's...shell. Yes, just the shell and I have no idea whatsoever, how the whole vehicle was suppose to look like. So, I Googled. It was a monster-truck-single-cab-4-WD-all-in-one kinda vehicle. Boy, have RC cars changed since my days.... Nonetheless, I was up for a challenge and dude's girlfriend was such a sweetie telling me not to stress too much about the car. Said she would have been very happy just to have this car cake look remotely like his and surprised him. Well, she doesn't know my middle name and I did the best I could. It was more tedious than I thought but I think it turned out okay....

Josh was obviously stoked when he received his girlfriend's surprise cake. He didn't have the heart to cut the car itself and served only the base cake to his mates! Awwwww!!! The picture above shows the cake and his real big brother. Now, if only Josh will commission me to do a birthday cake for his thoughtful girlfriend, I'd slip-in a (sugar) engagement ring ;-p

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