A Jetsetter's 37th

My new favourite!! A vintage leather suitcase circa 1940s. It was requested to mark the 37th birthday of a jet-setter. This 3kg whopper (banana cake) was covered in chocolate fondant and I had much pleasure in replicating the Malaysian passport and Malaysia Airline's Golden Club boarding pass. Needless to say, I was a tad cross-eyed after that. When the suitcase was completed, I did the travel stickers-essential during those days of travelling. My favourite was the Paris sticker. Unfortunately, the close-up picture was shaky. Birthday boy's sis also requested for a replica of MAS's new A380. So, I did a miniature of that massive Airbus with MAS's new livery. I had a great experience on board SIA's A380 a couple of years back to Paris and I hope the birthday boy got a ticket on that inaugural flight to London in July!

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