It was either this or a fighter plane. This 12-year old had me literary blown away when his mum called me with his choices. As you would have known by now, I'm no fan of creating any replicas of syndicated television characters (some Walt guy is mainly responsible for this phenomenon) and I always tell mothers to please let your child dig deep and tell you what he or she really loves. So, I really had it in my face this time when this young man did tell his mum what he would love to have for his cake. My first email reply to mummy was "OMG!!!!".

But you know what, I was actually looking forward to creating it. Even more so using his favourite brownies - a very tricky "cake" to mess around with. The brownies cannot be baked too fudgy nor too dry. Could have done a brownie cake but hey, Great Bakes call a brownie- a brownie and a tiramisu-a tiramisu. No bastardised versions when it comes to cakes and desserts.

I have no idea what rifle is this but looking at it, I'm guessing it's some World War II machine gun? M34 what?? I'm glad the MOTH was hanging around when I was working on creating the textures and he could tell me how some parts should look like. Basically, it could have been better but to an untrained eye and a non-gun-educated person, think it can pass off as a machine gun-lah!

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  1. the closest thing Mirza will ever get to the real thing!!! hehehehe. Awesome Dee!