Cosa Nostra

These cupcakes were ordered to commemorate a couple's union and as much as the Mafia theme sounds inappropriate, it actually is appropriate if you examine the mafioso's commandments (despite the methods used to handle "issues"...). I doubt if these youngsters know them since it was meant to just be a theme, but I think some of their guidelines on how to be a good, respectable and trusty member (or husband/wife, in this case) should be kept in mind:

* never look at your brothers' wives (brothers as in fellow gang members).
* do not go to pubs (yes, yes..)
* respect your wife (oh, definitely!)
* always be on time (are you here, yet?)
* don't get entangled with the police (just pay up...)

and my favourite commandment - when asked for any information, the answer must be the truth (hear, hear, except when I ask you if I look older than the day you met me...)
I also like "omerta". The MOTH was surprised I didn't know the meaning of this word when he suggested to include it on one of the cupcakes. He of course, gladly "enlightened" yours truly. Omerta is their code of silence..... :-I

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