88th Birthday Bash

These cupcakes and a little main cake was ordered to celebrate a patriach's 88th birthday last weekend. Order was simple: Butter cake with buttercream icing with "88" on each of them including the cake. It's a very chinese request hence the very chinese finish with these cakes. I like them purely for it's loudness. Buttercup yellow in buttercream was chosen as the base colour to subtley complement the red of the eights on the 50 cupcakes. The main cake was just a little under 1kg and thinly covered in buttercream as well. Made 9 longevity peaches, a pair of golden eight and the chinese character "sau" that means longevity. "Yam seng" to the "sau seng kung" and with all those eights, here's wishing his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren "fatt-fatt-fatt"!!

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