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A Bearhug Bear averages a 50-60cm height and 300-400gms weight. It's a very huggable size. How it feels and how it's "covered" is pretty much your (or your child's) choice. This bear needs at least 1/2 a metre of fabric. This would be equivalent to 2 girls' dresses or 3 boys' shirts. The fabric should ideally be high threadcount cotton and shouldn't be stretchy. But if your child insists (like mine did), we'll think of something. Contrasting colours and fabric designs make very interesting bears. This Greenie Bearhug Bear is a standard bear: one-colour with contrasting ears and foot pads. Your bear can be as unique as you want it to be!

Each bear takes about 2 weeks to complete. RM68 per bear. Extra charges for special messages embroidered onto the bear.

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