about Great Bakes

Great Bakes stands for baked-from-scratch good ol'fashioned cakes. Conceived over 8 years ago, this little kitchen bakery has since acquired a popular following for its Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese & Walnuts, Moist Lemon Cake, Death By Chocolate, Oriental Sugee Cake and it's bi-annual Traditional English Fruit Cake. These no-frills but wholesome cakes are made the way you remember how cakes used to taste like. So, don't ask for less-sugar (they aren't over-the-top anyway,) or butter substitutes. We love our cake as it is and we are sure you do, too.
Great Bakes has since evolved, when we personally switched to consuming more organic produce and staples. Some of these cakes have organic versions where 70-90% of its ingredients are organic.
Great Bakes, for cake as it is.

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