Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese & Walnuts

Carrot Cake (Round)

Carrot Cake (9" x9")

Carrot Cupcakes
Great Bakes owe it's humble beginnings to this infamous carrot cake. It was The Star's SMS senders' pick for the best carrot cake (Sunday Metro, 26/10/08). Yay! Since then, it has been varied with Middle Eastern dates and the result was a flavourful cake. A very healthy and wholesome cake baked with generous amount of grated carrots, juicy sultanas, using the best blend of olive and sunflower oil, topped (or baked into the cake) with crunchy walnuts and smothered with pure cream cheese.
1 recipe of carrot cake comes in either a 7" round, 8.5" ring size (approximately 1kg, feeds 10 mouths without extras) or 12 cupcakes.

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