Lovable Ayden-Jon turns 1. It seemed like only yesterday when he was just this tiny, red blob of a baby in the hospital and now he's this ankle-biter who's learnt to wave like the Queen! Children seem to grow up faster when they aren't yours don't they? Nonetheless, mum and dad threw him a big bash yesterday and requested for a RIO-themed cake. I went like "...must be your idea. Can't be your son's. He's only 1". Well, apparently, the boy will only sit still and play while RIO's on the telly! He's in awe of the whole song-and-dance in the movie and I can't be happier. Think this is much better entertainment than B....... ok, I shall stop now before I offend too many parents.
Anyway, I thought I'd bake 2 cakes since it was going to feed 50 people and tiered. We had Devil's Food Chocolate for the 9" bottom tier and Lemon Poppyseed Cake for the 7" top tier (cake finished weighing 3.8kg). The idea was for the "older" folks to have the Lemon Poppyseed Cake since it is THE cake for elders while the chocolate feeds the masses. Turned out most had both flavours and there weren't enough cake to go around in the end! Smart folks we have on this guest list.... ;-p

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