Twilight Saga

Let me admit this, till this day, I have not read or watch this cult vampire drama. I've heard all about it and why I say cult, is pretty obvious. The Twilight Saga has such a huge legion of fans around the world from 10-year old girls to 50-year old housewives! Fine. Edward and Jacob? Nice-looking. Great abs. Evil vs evil...I think? Romance of the century. Dramatic ending....I think? But one thing I appreciate was Stephanie Meyers' titles and the book cover-relevance. Love the simple yet strong titles, colour scheme and motifs used for each title. And with that, the cake and cupcakes turned out strikingly beautiful.

I baked a two-tier Devil's Food Chocolate to feed about 20 people and kept the design simple. The worry-factor for me was making the tulip. I'm horrid at making gum paste flowers but I think it turned out pretty close to the actual. I was just glad that the petals stayed up and didn't chip off. That cake finished weighing 2.6kg. The 40 cupcakes in Butter, Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Confetti were also kept simple. By keeping both that way, they worked together great side-by-side.

So...anyone has these books or movies to lend?

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