Swim Champ Turns 13

7 Cakes with 13 Medals to commemorate young Nadia's 13th birthday yesterday (the MOTH missed photographing 1 cake....sigh). Each cake weighed between 800-900gms (6" rounds) and came in 4 flavours - Lemon Blueberry, Honey Lavender, Chocolate and Vanilla Confetti. Believe these cakes were devoured over 3 separate occasions! Just looking at those medals had me feeling tired instantly. And mind you, these are just a few of her swim medals...mum says there are boxes of them!! On my end, after spending 2 whole days on these cakes, I was dead tired. Didn't help that I had a frozen shoulder and had to push through an earlier pick-up date! Anyway, all went well (except for that 1 missing photo...grrrrr) and mum picked up the cakes on time for the birthday eve dinner.

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