2012 for Perfect Score

Elira's the same age as my Young Master, 12 in 2012. This is also THE exam year for them (first of many more!). While we mums strive to not be that kiasu parent, we can't help but feel roped into this whole frenzy panic mode. I actually find myself feeding Young Master more fish (brain food) these days!! What next? Memory-boosting soups? Hmmm.....that's not a bad idea... Opps! Let's get back on track shall we? Birthday girl here celebrated her 12th with a couple of boys and girls at a bowling centre and obviously, the cake was to of that theme. I could only do that much with this theme because it's been raining and with the humidity, a busy design would have failed miserably. So, I stuck to making a figurine of Elira looking bashful or "uh oh, am I going to get a strike for perfect score?". The rest of the accessories were typical of a bowling theme. Hope the kids enjoyed the Vanilla Chocolate Fudge Cake (3kg). Here's wishing Elira all the best for the coming UPSR because 2012 is the year for that perfect score. No pressure....

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