The Tennis Pro

This was an easy cake. The client pretty much knew what she wanted (even did a rough sketch down to detailing what her boyfriend wears for his tennis sessions!) and I just had to put in the finer work. While I was given attire details, I wanted to add a couple of accessories to complete the cake. If the birthday boy was an ardent tennis player, he'd have a favourite player. When you look at what he's wearing (and the colours), I think it's a give away  that he's a Federer fan. I was right (phieww!). So, I chose to make a miniature replica of the Wilson-Federer tennis racquet and the bag that goes with it. The Nike water tumbler was modelled after my daughter's pink version. The client also requested for the Wimbledon logo on the 1.8kg Lemon Blueberry Cake. I believe the birthday boy was so pleased with his unique present that he chose to wear the same ensemble during the party!

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