Sexy 45

My dearest cousin sister and I were pondering over what to surprise her girlfriend on turning 45 last weekend. We truly wanted to cheer her up and trust me, no matter what all the Sophia Lorens and Goldie Hawns of the world say about 40 being the new 30, 50 being the new 40 etc. (in SL's case 70 being the new 50??), the fact is we cannot defy gravity. Spiritually, yes. I whole heartedly agree that we are as young as we feel but physically, well.....I have some complains myself. And don't go all Oprah on me. No one ever complains about the pot-belly bloke but a muffin-top woman....I rest my case. Nonetheless, we both agreed that we should have a pin-up girl to represent us all - imaginatively. The girls love Great Bakes' infamous carrot cake and since cream cheese is dairy, there's no way I can work with the cake in advance so our sexy 45-er has to lie on the side, full frontal. The finished cake weighed about 1.5kg.

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