Favourite Things

This guy is a very lucky husband. His wife went through the trouble in coming up with a list of his favourite things and had yours truly turn them into edible pieces. Honestly, they were very tedious to create but again, it's also my nature to be detailed. I'm not complaining though! I truly enjoyed making them because I got to recreate some really cool pieces. Here's what they are, starting from the top left corner: animals from *Agricol, Storm Trooper, top hat and cane, theatre masks, birthday boy's age, iPhone, iPhone date application, tokens from *Kingsburg, flat screen and wireless mouse, fencing mask and epee, Darth Vader and Mace Windu's light sabers, ship from *Puerto Rico, settlers from *Catan Hexes, weights, birthday boy's name, gun and grenade, panda, crate of rum bottles from *Cuba, red cubes and imp from *Dungeon Lords and a *Planet Steam marker. To top it all off, the cake was a rich chocolate cake filled with minty ganache.
* I was introduced to these board games I never knew existed!!! Sounded so interesting that I have Young Master hinting for one of these games for his upcoming birthday. Hmm...we'll see.


  1. I welcome the young master to the world of euro board games. :)

    Thanks very much for your amazing creations. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw them.

    You also got a large bunch of new fans who were also very impressed with the cupcakes! :)

  2. They're lovely :) And how lucky you are that you have someone that appreciates a gesture like that. :)