Eid-ul-Fitr Sweet Treats

Here are the sweet offerings for this year's Eid from Great Bakes. Kindly order by the 11th (Friday) of September and let me know your preferred pick-up date. Syawal 1 is tentatively the 20th (Sunday).

Kharjuram Cake

Kharjuram (dates in Telugu) and walnuts make a healthy and wholesome cake. This traditional lacto-vegetarian cake is favoured for its natural sweetness, high fibre content and usually enjoyed during Ramadhan for sahur or buka puasa.

RM54 for 7"round cake, ±600gm (serves 8-10).

Carrot Date Cake

Great Bakes' infamous Carrot Cake is given a twist with dates. A great cake to serve for Eid family reunions in the morning when it's too early for ketupat and rendang! The moist and luscious cake is topped with cream cheese and walnuts.

RM54 for 7"round cake, ±600gm (serves 8-10).

Blush Cupcakes

The nostalgic cherry cake is now refined into a light and refreshing fusion. The cherries are accompanied by glacé ginger and almonds, giving the cake a little bite in its moistness. The cupcakes blush in yumminess...

RM25 for 6 standard cupcakes in a box (min.order is 2 boxes).

Good ol' Baby Cuppies

Lay out a tray of mini cupcakes for the children to pop in their little mouths! They'll love you for your thoughtfulness for them. Choose your cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla or marble. Each will be covered in buttercream and decorated in the festive theme.

RM75 for 50 mini cupcakes.

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