20 Times Champion

Two Manchester United fans (coincidently are best friends, too) were celebrating their 29th and a newly-engaged fiancée thought it'll be a great idea to surprise the birthday boys with themed cake. ManU-themed, of course and a tribute to the retired Sir Alex Ferguson (AF) - after 26 years managing the Red Devils. I thought it was a fitting theme for not only were the boys die-hard supporters of ManU, the team also finished with a high winning their 20th league title- the last league led by AF. I'm no football-know-it-all but I read the news. It's hard not to know anything about the Reds. Fiancée wanted some humour attached to it, so I suggested one with AF holding a red hairdryer (like a pistol) at the 2 fans, solemnly kneeling in front of him. If you don't know what the hairdryer means in soccer, well...it's basically having your coach chewing you out right at your face really loudly. AF is known to do that A LOT. I don't know how the term "hairdryer treatment" came about but I suppose these lashings are done mostly in the locker rooms? Really loudly? Making the hair at the back of your neck stand when you're embarrassingly shouted at? All relates to a hairdryer! But, fiancée thought that was a bit much, so we settled for something simple like the boys smooching up AF. So, I worked on the birthday boys' body language for the humour. Poor Mr Ferguson. I doubt he's ever allowed anyone to be this chummy with him! Not even his players I think.

I also added half a soccer ball on the cake. Used the new Nike design for Manchester United. The Marble Cake finished at 2.3kg.

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