White & Soft Pink Hantaran

This 3.5kg (9.5") non-alcoholic Rich Fruit Cake was the choice of this regular client as a hantaran gift for a wedding last weekend. The dulang (tray) was to be adorned with fresh flowers so I had to come up with a design to complement the tray. Theme colour was white but we decided to add a dash of light pink to soften the harshness of an all-white cake. It turned out very romantic and most suited for the akad nikah (marriage solemnisation ceremony).

Pale pink and white butterflies dropped in for a visit.

Smaller cakes of the same theme was requested as gift for each guest at the VIP table during the wedding reception. So I covered a 5" square (1.2kg) Rich Fruit Cake using the same base design with a smaller rose and more white and pink blossoms!

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