Baby Shower

I'm happy that Baby Showers are finally catching up in this part of the world. I personally feel that it's a great opportunity for girlfriends to gather and talk shop before the baby arrives (and the new mother will practically go AWOL for the next 6 months!). It's also good to receive baby and mummy pressies in advance so the mum-to-be gets to tick off some baby stuffs off her looooonnnng list and buy only what's left then. Enough of me getting nostalgic now, this 8" Rich Chocolate feeds 20 people comfortably and weighed 1.8kg after the work's done.

I attempted to make my first pregnant figurine and I think I overdid the leaning-back-since-my-belly's-big. But again, think that's how I looked like when I was pregnant the first time. Absolutely huge, I was! Anyway, the giraffe was a mandatory figure and that's another first for me. I'm so thankful that its neck held up despite the downpour that evening.

The rest of the cake was topped with a baby blanket, some onesies, self-help books (my favourite being the "What To Expect" series), the diaper bag with a milk bottle and pacifier, and a stack of nappies.

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