Cookie Cutters Galore!

Was re-organising my kitchen the past week (to make space for more newly-acquired baking"gadgets") and found little ziplocs of cookie cutters hidden all over the place! I didn't realise that I've amassed so many over the years - mainly Christmas-themed ones because that's pretty much when I use them most, for gingerbread cookies. The fact is, I love cookie cutters (only the metal ones). I keep buying them (just got another 8,) and they keep coming up with more!

So, I've made a pact with myself - store them visibly, keep them on my counter top and have them stare at me long enough to kick start my cookie baking! I've got some nice ideas on how to use them for different occasions, so keep checking in.

Errr..in case anyone's thinking of getting me cookie-cutters for Christmas, don't repeat any of these... ;-)

1. Mitten
2. Flowers
3. Wreath
4. Moose
5. Gift Box
6. Santa's Hat
7. Boy
8. Snail
9. Girl
10. 4-Leaf Clover
11. Candy Cane
12. Crescent
13. Horse
14. Fox
15. Pig
16. Hedgehog
17. Shooting Star
18. Squirrel
19. Bell
20. Stocking
21. Christmas Trees
22. Ornament
23. Stars
24. Leaves
25. Sleigh
26. Snow Flake
27. Snowman
28. Bear Cub
29. Wedding Dress
30. 3-Tier Cake
31. Twin Hearts
32. Twin Bells
33. Reindeer
34. Hearts
35. Circles
36. Ovals
37. Pram
38. Baby Onesie
39. Teddy Bear
40. Rocking Horse
41. Birthday Cake
44. Princess Tiara
45. Ladybug
46. Bee
47. Caterpillar
48. Butterfly
49. Dragonfly
50. Spider
51. Boy/Girl Body Puzzle Set


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